What’s the same?

All six colleges require financial records to be kept. These records should include:

  • date of service
  • fee charged
  • particulars of the products or services (e.g. who provided a product or service, what was provided and the cost)
  • name of client/patient

What’s different?

Audiologists, speech-language pathologists and massage therapists are expected to keep a copy of the receipt.

Receipts from massage therapists (RMTs) must be signed by the RMT who provided the service.

In Practice

Willow Pines Clinic has one main reception area that serves all clients. All receipts issued are created by the same software and contain the same information. The information includes all the requirements listed by each profession and copies of receipts are kept on file. Massage therapists must take the added step of signing their invoices.

The system also allows individual team members to audit billings submitted on their behalf and ensure accuracy.


College of Massage Therapists Ontario Policy on Receipts