What’s the same?

As outlined in the Records Retention section, records need to be maintained securely and confidentially for defined period of time (minimum 7 years for chiropractors and 10 years for other practitioners).

In an inter-professional setting, it is vital to identify the Health Information Custodian (HIC) who will take on this responsibility – see also the Collecting/Using and Maintaining Privacy section.

When non-HIC health care providers leave a practice setting, they should verify that the HIC will maintain records securely, confidentially and for the required period of time. They should also ensure that they will have access to the record, and that patients can obtain a copy, if needed. There is no need for the non-HIC to keep a copy.

When health care providers are also HICs and are closing a practice, they have two options. They can:

  1. transfer the records to another HIC who agrees to take on responsibility


  1. transfer the records into storage and maintain them securely and confidentially for the required period of time before destroying them appropriately (see also the records destruction section)

In either case, the HIC must make a reasonable attempt to notify patients and other affected individuals and provide information on how to access those records if needed.

What’s different?

There are no substantial differences among Colleges.

In Practice

Chiropractor Rakesh is moving to another city. He verifies that the clinic owner (and HIC) will retain records securely, confidentially and in accordance with PHIPA.


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