What’s the same?

All health care professionals are required to keep service maintenance records for certain equipment used in the provision of care.

What’s different?

Each College identifies or describes the types of equipment for which service records should be kept; for example, equipment used with patients or equipment that poses a risk of harm.

The length of time the equipment service record is to be kept can vary as follows:

  • Audiologists and speech-language pathologists (CASLPO) 10 years
  • Kinesiologists (COKO), occupational therapists (COTO), and physiotherapists (CPO) 5 years
  • Chiropractors (CCO) and massage therapists (CMTO) not specified

In Practice

The practitioners at Willow Pines use various pieces of equipment, such as audiometric equipment, exercise machines, ultrasound machines, diagnostic tools, testing apparatus, traction tables and more. They needed to set a process for maintaining equipment service records.

They agreed to create a list of equipment that required service records and made sure the list was comprehensive enough to meet the entire group’s obligations. Once they did this they realized there was a great deal of overlap, especially when they considered whether the equipment, if it not maintained properly, could cause treatment to be less effective or pose a risk of harm if it were to break. The group then developed a maintenance protocol for the master list and assigned responsibility to office staff.

They also agreed that the strictest retention requirement would apply to the team. As members of CASLPO are on staff, they keep their equipment service records for 10 years.